As a mother of four kids who have graduated high school, I’ve done my fair share of college visits. Now our daughter is interested in becoming a Physician Assistant. So, this spring, we attended her first “PA Day”.We had such a great time together. Our beautiful and driven daughter networked, learned, and left super inspired.

But this essay isn’t about her. 😊 It’s about . . . ME.

I had a BLAST!

I LOVE COLLEGE VISITS and I hate that this phase of life is virtually over for me.

What I love about the college visit process:

1. The students. We had a lot of 1/1 time with a current PA student, which gave us some great insight. They also did a student panel Q&A. Hearing from the students, how they got there given the competitive nature of the application process, what they’re learning, HOW they are learning, and how they feel about their fellow students and the faculty . . . SO fun. These young men and women confidently radiated their unique personalities.

2. The ENERGY and vibe. There’s just nothing like being on a college campus. It’s electric. It’s palpable.

3. The learning, the growth, the joy of expanding. We went deep on the classroom work and the clinical rotations. We toured the cadaver lab, classrooms, and exam rooms. Oh, the opportunities!

4. It’s new and exciting and reeks of possibility. The kids are exploring their interests, finding their passions, and dreaming about their future.

Campus visits LIGHT ME UP.

The only problem: Now I wanna go to PA school.