Teach Yoga Like A Boss – The Secret To Gaining Confidence On The Mat

Are you a recent yoga teacher training grad? Or did you graduate from training a while ago and decide you weren’t ready to teach?Most 200-hour training grads don’t feel ready. But there’s a guaranteed way to build confidence in your teaching . . .


Just start teaching.

This is true for virtually everything. The only way out is through.


Top two reasons for not teaching:

1.       I don’t know enough about all the aspects of yoga.

Answer: You’ll never know it all and you don’t have to.

2.       I feel like I need more training.

Answer: No, you don’t. You likely haven’t distilled everything you learned in your 200-hour training. What you need is experience leading classes.


Here’s the hard truth: You cannot train your way out of your apprehension towards teaching.


Try this instead:

1.       Start small if you must. Assemble a small group of friends or family. Test your skills. Ask for feedback.

2.       Get a mentor. Seek the advice of an experienced teacher.

There’s risk in everything, including doing nothing.

Don’t teach and you risk missing out on an immensely rewarding opportunity. You’ll grow and learn as you go. This is the path of every experienced teacher.