Have you read Steven Pressfield’s Put Your Ass (Where Your Heart Wants To Be)? It’s a quick motivational read for writers, artists, and entrepreneurs about literally putting your ass in the seat of your dream. Example: Want to write? Sit down at the keyboard.

Sounds simple.

The biggest challenge: TIME.

Many people are working full-time jobs AND pursuing their passion part-time.


1 hour/day =

7 hours/week =

30 hours/month =

365 hours/year.

360 hours = NINE 40-hour weeks!!

What can you accomplish in nine weeks of full-time work?

Nine 40-hour weeks is a novel, two screenplays, etc.

10 years = 10 novels

You can be a writer, artist, or entrepreneur if you can carve out one hour a day.


“The Muse does not count hours. She counts commitment. It is possible to be 100% committed 10% of the time.”