Legs up the Wall pose . . . such an amazing restorative yoga posture!

Legs up the wall provides many therapeutic benefits, from relieving stress to reducing headaches.

This pose is practiced in several variations during my restorative aerial yoga workshops. We use the hammock as an alternative to the wall. The hammock provides several “feel good” variations for supporting the feet and legs.

legs up the wall aerial yoga, aerial legs up the wall pose

Why legs up the wall?

1. Reduce swelling and fatigue in the feet and legs from too much sitting or standing
2. Relieve tension and stress
3. Gently stretch the hamstrings and provide relief of lower back strain
4. Improve circulation and increase blood flow to the heart
5. Aid with digestion
6. Improve sleep

Legs up the wall fosters deep relaxation and calms the mind.

A great time to try it: right before bedtime . . .

legs up the wall pose at bedtime for better sleep

Another variation: add sandbags. Sandbags can be placed directly on the soles of the feet, or sandbags can hang from the soles of feet as shown below.

This variation feels grounding and snugs the head of each femur into the hip socket. So nice!

restorative legs up the wall pose with sandbags

If you haven’t tried the aerial variation of legs up the wall pose, I hope you’ll join me at an upcoming aerial yoga workshop in Omaha.

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