The pressure has been on.

Significant pressure.

I walked away from my corporate job a week ago and, short of something major and unforeseen, I have no plans to go back anytime soon.

So . . . what’s the pressure from? And from who, exactly?

My “type A” kicked in with a vengeance. A voice in my head screaming:

“You’ve got to do it all and RIGHT NOW!”

“Time is no longer an excuse!”

“The race is ON.”

On Tuesday I woke up at 2am. At 2:35am, I realized I wasn’t going back to sleep. I got out of bed and hit my computer. My day was spent . . .

Researching. Collecting.

Joining meetings. Taking classes.

Talking to entrepreneurs. Examining options.

I was “busy” at my desk all day.

At 6:30 pm I paused, annoyed.

Why am I tired?

{Insert vehicle back up beeps here}

Reality is, I’m still at a crossroads.

How can I charge forward without truly knowing where I’m going?

Who am I racing against anyway?



I spent many years holding down a full-time job, raising kids, and working a side-gig, all at the same time. This week, I had to remind myself that the whole point of this is to invest my energy and passion into what I enjoy. Not to kill myself in the process.

In addition, if I keep pushing at a frenetic pace, how will I see the forest through the trees?

So . . . I’m going to try something novel. I’m going to try being extraordinarily charitable with myself. I intend to:

Give myself a little grace.

Give myself a little space.

To think. To consider. To experiment a bit as I formulate my vision.

Post-resignation lesson #1: SLOW IT DOWN.