I’ve been teaching yoga as a side gig for six years. I also worked full time in the yoga industry, where I talked to thousands of yoga students seeking training, as well as yoga teachers and studio owners all over the globe.

Yoga is a passion for many. It offers infinite opportunities for deep exploration. For a seeker with a lifelong interest in health and wellbeing, it offered more than I fathomed when I started practicing 12 years ago.

But you’re here for the business case, right?

Take the average class fee in your area and divide it by the # of hours you’ll need to invest to train, prepare, teach, and travel to a class.

Or better yet, DON’T.

Here’s the truth:

Any yoga teacher focused exclusively on rate of return has already quit.

Teachers who try to make a living teaching yoga tend to get burnt out quickly . . . some before they’ve paid off their first training.

But don’t be discouraged.

Teaching yoga has been the most inspiring and rewarding job I’ve ever had. And my research indicates I’m in good company among teachers worldwide.

Want to teach? DO IT.

Want to go to training and see where it takes you? DO IT.

I have never talked to anyone who regretted attending yoga teacher training. It will transform and expand your life in ways you cannot imagine.

Here’s the business case for yoga teacher training: train as an investment in yourSELF.

YOU are your best investment.