New yoga teachers graduate from teacher training in an intoxicated yoga-induced trance. Some yogis call it “THE BUBBLE”.

 Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) occurs in a supportive community where students experience profound physical, spiritual and mental transformation, establishing deep connections with fellow students and teachers. AKA: “The Bubble”.

But training ends. Students graduate. “The bubble” bursts.

Then what?

Teaching yoga can seem like a dream job. No doubt, teaching yoga is a deeply enriching experience. And for a teacher just out of YTT, it’s common to want to “stay in the bubble” . . . by replacing training with teaching.

Common mistakes which can cause frustration and burnout for new yoga teachers:

 1. Teaching too many classes too soon

New teachers often underestimate the preparation time and the energy required to teach a single class. Start small. One or two classes per week.

2. Quitting the day job

New teachers should get their feet wet before making rash decisions. Get comfortable teaching. Build a following. Understand what it’s going to take to replace your income.

3. Teaching at the cost of your personal yoga practice

Experienced teachers keep a balance of personal practice time and teaching time. Practice provides fuel for teaching. Think of teaching as giving and practicing as receiving.

4. Emulating a favorite teacher.

Each teacher has his/her own unique personality and traits. Authenticity is what attracts students. Instead of emulating someone else, new teachers should take note of what they admire in their favorite teachers and why. This will help guide your unique method and style of teaching.

The Yoga path is an incredible journey.

Be cautious about pushing too hard too fast. Ideally, new YTT graduates should gently ease their way into teaching. It takes time, energy, commitment and confidence. Start small to avoid burnout.

By taking it slow, new teachers can enjoy an ongoing growth trajectory as they transition from training to teaching.