I basically INHALED Steven Pressfield’s latest book Put Your Ass (Where Your Heart Wants To Be).

The underlying premise:

For writers, artists, & entrepreneurs, the ability to self-reinforce is more important than talent.

So, how do you self-reinforce?

Understand these 7 insights:

  1. “Resistance” (AKA inner critic) is the enemy. “The most formidable antagonist of all resides inside each of our own skulls.”
  2. Station your physical body in the spot where your dream-work will and must happen. Want to write? Sit down at the keyboard. Want to paint? Step up to the easel. Want to act? MOVE to Hollywood.
  3. Once you move your body to the proper location, you’ve demonstrated commitment – emotionally, psychologically, spiritually. You’ve moved from the Known to the Unknown.
  4. Hero’s Journey. The hero commits by taking bold action. Stepping into the Unknown is self-empowering. You are no longer the same person. The universe comes to the hero’s aid.
  5. Your body of work exists as an alternative future. It can be, should be, and wants to BE. But it is not guaranteed to be.
  6. Frame of mind as you go to work: THIS is the day. Today is the Super Bowl. THIS is the job. There is no other job.
  7. Resistance is always strongest at the finish. Slay the dragon.

Where is your heart right now?

Move. Ass. There.