I know the type . . . the ones who’d rather deny or ask questions than dive in and try. I get it. And if you find yourself resisting anything that sounds a little “woo woo”, I’ve been there. But have you TRIED breathwork?


If you haven’t tried breathwork, here are a few reasons why you should:


1. It increases your IQ.

O.k., the truth is that deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to the brain. This supports your concentration and memory. Good stuff, right? Bare minimum, you might APPEAR smarter.

2. It serves as a brain “reset button”.

Facts. Having a bad day? There is a direct neurophysiological link between the breath and the brain. Your noradrenaline levels will be brought down to allow your attention networks to work again in synchrony. After a brief breathwork session, you may be overwhelmed by profound intuitive insights!

3. It’s the best precurser to meditation.

Are you a meditator? Or, better yet, a wanna-be meditator? Breathwork will tranform your meditation experience. The monkey mind melts away when the brain is forced to focus attention on a pattern of breath. Begin your meditation sessions with breathwork.


Try it. Experience it for youself. Need tips on how or what types of breathwork to try first? Follow me. More to come.

If you’re local to Omaha, join me at Karma Yoga Omaha for a combination of movement, breathwork and meditation every Thursday night from 7:15-8:15 p.m.