I work full-time in medical sales. I enjoy my clients. It pays the bills.
It’s . . . fine.My passion: teaching yoga.Yoga is my part-time gig. I flibegin to understand tpping LOVE my students and the yoga studio community. It’s rewarding and powerful to watch students light up as they immerse themselves in the power of yoga, breath, meditation, etc.So I’ve been thinking about this . . .

Why might people derive more meaning from part-time work than full-time work?

  1. Passion: part-time jobs allow individuals to pursue unique interests.
  2. Flexibility: part-time jobs typically allow more flexibility in scheduling.
  3. Social Connection: part-time jobs allow individuals to form meaningful relationships with like-minded people.
  4. Personal growth: part-time jobs offer opportunities for learning . . . for example, a teaching role develops communication and leadership skills.

My full-time job provides financial stability, but I find that my part-time gig in yoga offers more personal fulfillment, more purpose, and much more enjoyment.

Do you have two jobs? Do you agree? Disagree? What’s your experience?