Allowing vs. Achieving.

Does one come more naturally for you?

Allowing: to permit something to happen or exist.

When we’re able to allow people, things, and situations to be as they are without judging them, trying to fix them, or wanting them to be some other way than how they actually are.

Achieving: to get or attain by EFFORT.

To bring to a successful end. Carry through. Accomplish.

Allowing is accepting. Achieving is striving. What is the path of least resistance to what matters?

Can we create a better balance of allowing and achieving in order to more towards goals more efficiently, with less struggle?

I starting to believe we can.

I’m considering this in relation to what I’ve learned about BE-ing vs. DO-ing. As a do-er, I needed some balance. I learned to spend more time in yoga, breathwork and meditation to balance out my obsession for constant do-ing.

We also need a balance of allowing vs. achieving.

To practice the Art of Allowing:

Step 1: Tune in to your thoughts and how these thoughts make you feel.

Step 2: Recognize when thoughts aren’t productive. This is a practice. Become sensitive to thoughts that make you feel bad and thoughts that make you feel good.

Step 3: Pay particular attention to what you focus on in regards to your biggest goals and aspirations. How much of your attention and energy is focused on doing/achieving, and how much is focused on allowing? Have you objectively observed potential obstacles?

Step 4: When you’re striving and writhing around in your dilemma, just give it a rest. You’re caught up in a perception. It may or may not be accurate. Stop directing energy towards resisting. Take a step back.

Step 5: Be ready to receive. It requires trust, patience, and faith that what we desire will show up as it is meant to. Allow yourself to receive with ease and gratitude. Don’t get so caught up in the effort that you can’t see the solution.