I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around the concept of allowing. Also known as acceptance.

This concept is more difficult for some than others. It’s particularly difficult for Type A control freaks with inordinately high expectations.

i’ve noticed that my expectations are continually slaughtered with reality of a totally different sort. Of course, this happens to everyone. It’s the very nature of things. But why can some people just seem to go with the flow when other people, like me, just really struggle?

Going with the flow seems to be a pretty enjoyable option. So I’m studying this in an attempt to reduce self-inflicted torture.

I discovered the Art of Allowing.

Do you identify as an allower?

My initial response to this question: Oh, HELL NO! Sounds weak and powerless. Sounds super tolerant. Sounds like something for people without an intense work ethic. Sounds like the opposite of pretty much everything I value.

But if I’m not allowing, what am I doing?

Fighting. Resisting.

Almost a year ago I had surgery that didn’t go as expected. I went into surgery healthy & fit and was told I’d sail through it. My expectations were set.

No, my expectations were set . . . in stone.

There must have been another lesson I needed to learn, because there was a little “complication”. There wasn’t going to be any sailing. Recovery became my full time job.

Things like this infuriate me. I’m a terrible “patient”.

So, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now.

How much of my energy is tied up in RESISTING? And not just post-surgery. In many areas.

And then I saw this quote by Byron Katie:

“When you argue with reality, you lose.”

So I’ve been coined a loser. Not what a Type A achiever wants to hear. But there IS a way to allow and achieve.


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