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Like anyone else, I’m a seeker of many things. Health, happiness, fulfillment. I’ve spent the bulk of my life devoted to fitness, nutrition, and consistent personal growth. I’m a do-er. I’ve been known to assess my productivity and judge my value accordingly. It’s nothing to be proud about. But I am a goal setter and list checker. Type-A workaholic. Control freak. Wife and mom of four. I have high expectations and standards of perfection for myself and others. I wish not only to have it all, but to do it all masterfully . . . career and home and family.

In 2010, I started practicing hot yoga. I came to yoga for the physical practice, seeking strength, flexibility, balance, and symmetry. What I discovered was something much more profound.

I noticed significant energetic shifts. I noticed that the more I practiced, the more I wanted to practice. I noticed that I started to fall apart when I didn’t practice. What was happening? Why did I feel so different every time I walked out of the studio? Why did I exit class feeling not only physically transformed, but more emotionally and mentally equipped to deal with many of the “issues” I went to the studio to escape?

I was fascinated. And hooked. And so, I began studying yoga, the eight limbs, and yoga philosophy. It blew my mind. There were so many avenues to pursue that I entered teacher training in 2016 purely to find structure for my learning. A few days into training I had learned so much and yet, I was astounded by what was left to uncover. It was the beginning of a devotion to this pursuit. As a result of this learning, I started living with a deeper awakening that brought less self-judgment and more joy, satisfaction, and gratitude. The journey toward finding a better “workout” became a journey towards my “work-in”. And the journey continues . . .

I’m on a long, winding path of training, study, practice, and self-examination. I’ve learned many lessons. Namely, that “better” doesn’t mean to constantly push harder and faster. The reality is we cannot have hard without soft, fast without slow, yang without yin. Burnout is real. I had a few hard life lessons which ultimately brought about a hard look at the truth . . . most of my stress was self-inflicted. We all have to give ourselves space to regenerate. Consider the physical practice of yoga asana on the mat. We discover when to push and when to pull back. Both are necessary to evolve. Push too hard on the mat and injury is inevitable. Push too hard in life and something will eventually have to give (stress induced health issues, emotional wellness, etc.). Softness isn’t weakness . . . it’s a necessity.

A 5,000-year-old tradition deepened my understanding of myself and my place in the world. It provided resources to deal with whatever life throws my way. I found more compassion for myself and others. I discovered ways to loosen my grip and let go. As a result, I found less stress and more contentment. It softened me.

I went to teacher training with no intention to teach yoga . . . I just wanted to live it. But once I went deep, I couldn’t escape teaching. I had to share the power of yoga, offer these tools to others, and work to inspire people to tap into the body’s inner wisdom to obtain optimum wellness and peak performance. It’s a magical and rewarding path.


200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Karma Yoga Omaha

August 2016 – May 2017

500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher


October 2020 – June 2021

Specialty Certifications (200+ hours)

Yin, Reiki, Aerial Yoga, Restorative Aerial, Anatomy, Mantra, Meditation, Mobility, Pranayama, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

Workshops have been taken from many notable teachers including Tiffany Cruikshank, Doug Keller, Noah Maze, Amy Matthews, Carmen Curtis, Scott Schwenk and Rod Stryker.

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What others are saying

JeriLyn is a rare gem in the yoga world. I have never EVER experienced such beautifully integrated theme-weaving as I have in her classes. And, I have never seen a teacher come so alive while teaching! JeriLyn has a magnetic energy to her that is contagious and palpable, which she infuses into her sadhanas and workshops. After a class she taught to other yoga teachers, we were so mind-blown by the creative sequencing and her radiance that we probably spent a good 15 minutes just reflecting on JeriLyn’s gift. Because that’s what it is. 

yoga omaha jerilyn frisbie

JeriLyn is such a well rounded teacher. She offers clear queues & modifications that are accessible to anyone. She weaves in a thought provoking theme throughout her classes that gives you something to take away with after leaving her class. She offers just the right balance of softness & strength that allows you to ease into any pose gracefully without feeling like you forced your way in. I can’t recommend her enough!

Christine Kramer, Soul Work staff, RYT 500
best yoga workshop class omaha

It is a true blessing to take a class from JeriLyn.  Her classes are so welcoming, whether you are an experienced yogi or new to the practice.  JeriLyn’s classes are thoughtfully planned out and I love that she doesn’t just flow through the asanas but brings in the true yoga teachings during the class as well.  I especially enjoy her candlelight class where she incorporates, movement, pranayama and meditation.  It is a beautiful balance of the yoga practice beyond just the physical poses. Every time I leave my mat after her class, I have such a feeling of true inner peace.  If you want to experience all that yoga has to offer, you will be truly blessed taking a class from JeriLyn.

Jenny B., Yoga student and certified teacher

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