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For Students:

My goal is to bring not only the physical, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of yoga to those who seek it. Yoga is about balance . . . between movement and stillness. It offers the opportunity for strength and resilience of body and mind. Many people develop a yoga practice for the physical benefits, but there is so much more to be gained. Within stillness, we can tune into a deeper knowing in order to understand the Self, find alignment, and gain more fulfillment from daily life. We learn to find peace and tap into the power of “now”. This is where the magic begins.

For Teachers:

My goal is to support and guide new yoga teachers as they find their voice and develop confidence in their skills. The majority of 200 hour yoga teacher training graduates walk away from training feeling grossly unprepared to teach. How do you learn what you need to know in 200 hours? It’s an arbitrary number. Some teachers rush into the next training, only to find that that they become more overwhelmed. If more training isn’t the answer, then what is?

New teachers often struggle with where to start, how to find their unique voice and style, how to sequence effective classes, how to deal with a wide variety of students in a single class, whether or not to offer adjustments, etc., etc. It’s overwhelming. This is where I step in. To fill that gap between training and empowered teaching. To coach and mentor teacher training graduates towards their specific teaching goals. To create a community for like-minded people to share and grow. Teaching yoga is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Want to teach? I can help you find your voice.

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Classes & Workshops

Take your physical and spiritual practice to the next level. My offerings include unique blends of movement, music, and restorative practices.


Freebies and training materials for students and teachers. You’ll find a daily practice you can do at home, as well as informational tools. Includes discounts on yoga supplies, training, and more.

Private Sessions

Movement-based customized sessions for beginning students to athletes seeking performance enhancement. Breathwork and meditation sessions to suit your specific needs.

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Hi there, I’m JeriLyn!

Join me for a journey of self-discovery towards a deeply rooted knowing.

Recalibrate. Go deep within yourself.

Open your heart and your mind.


What others are saying…

JeriLyn is a rare gem in the yoga world. I have never EVER experienced such beautifully integrated theme-weaving as I have in her classes. And, I have never seen a teacher come so alive while teaching! JeriLyn has a magnetic energy to her that is contagious and palpable, which she infuses into her sadhanas and workshops. After a class she taught to other yoga teachers, we were so mind-blown by the creative sequencing and her radiance that we probably spent a good 15 minutes just reflecting on JeriLyn’s gift. Because that’s what it is. 

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JeriLyn is such a well rounded teacher. She offers clear queues & modifications that are accessible to anyone. She weaves in a thought provoking theme throughout her classes that gives you something to take away with after leaving her class. She offers just the right balance of softness & strength that allows you to ease into any pose gracefully without feeling like you forced your way in. I can’t recommend her enough!

Christine Kramer, Soul Work staff, RYT 500
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It is a true blessing to take a class from JeriLyn.  Her classes are so welcoming, whether you are an experienced yogi or new to the practice.  JeriLyn’s classes are thoughtfully planned out and I love that she doesn’t just flow through the asanas but brings in the true yoga teachings during the class as well.  I especially enjoy her candlelight class where she incorporates, movement, pranayama and meditation.  It is a beautiful balance of the yoga practice beyond just the physical poses. Every time I leave my mat after her class, I have such a feeling of true inner peace.  If you want to experience all that yoga has to offer, you will be truly blessed taking a class from JeriLyn.

Jenny B.

JeriLyn’s classes reflect the depth and beauty of who she is as a person. They are thoughtful, inspiring, joyful, calming, centering and fun. The physical postures she leads her students through blend gentleness with strength. Likewise, she offers such interesting and practical approaches to meditation and breath work as well. Please offer yourself the gift of her class. You will be so glad you did. ♥️

Micah E., Yoga Student & Teacher